3 and a 23

“It was always such a shame to read about these topics since then”, he made his statement for the first time this morning. He was reading the news on his mobile phone, as he loved reading, atleast for the sake of a show off. But he had gathered enough information about almost anything much enough to hold for five minutes in a debate.
“What?”, I added to the moment. “Curriculum and educational policies and syllabus.” 


 “I study engineering and you too. How illogical are their curriculum designs, to me in all ways and atlest to the two thirds, I suppose, counting to the thoughts and realisations, I add. Not just a few statements I am making to greet you a good morning, it is a need to speak, I think.”

 My smile followed by a silence made him continue…  “We are here to learn CS and what we are doing now is learning Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics and many other stuffs that will never ever add to the benefit in the life of a programmer. And I do not really think that some one learned CS will ever go for a Masters in Physics or Chemistry, and is it possible, I donot know. And the one and only answer that anyone has when asked about this foolish method of waisting time is, ‘You are leaning Computer Science and Engineering and not just CS’,and that inappropriate answer puts ends to the question and the students like us are forced to learn things which are not worth learning and the time spent for it. If this method of studying and teaching unwanted and hated, by students, are taken away from the curriculm design, it will be much enough to save almost one year of a student, isn’ it?” 


“Does it seem silly Mr Comment?” 

“No. But these words spoken are going to count to the nothing. Doubt?”

 “There was..”, he thought for a while and began, “a clock whose second hand moved once in three seconds and twenty three minutes. It was hosted in public in the great city of Wall Street. People saw it, there were criticizms, mokes, but the thing continued to be there as no one was strong enough and willing to take it off as they respected time. There were appreciators, who them appeared, describing and proclaming the great beauty of the newly developed pattern changing the existing grid. Not much time was counted for it to happen; the grid of practice and exercise was then adapted to the newly hosted time stamp, eventhough the biological clocks never stoped and the existance of closeness to the natural symmetry and the polygons framed by joining the dots continued to exist..”

 I broke the un-uderstood bluff, “Can you please..”

 “If a thing made so as to satisfying the desired form and function of another thing is relacing the existance of the original thing so as to bring out a new thing, as the business tricks and tac-tics used to say, can we call the second thing a good thing?”

 “Not clear..” 

“I can not make it. Sorry. Okay.. Suppose the University is following a pattern which teaches the students only the core subjects and its supporting subjects and the students can choose the topics in which they wish to specialise, how would that be.?” 

“Not possible, I would say.” 

“Then how is it possible in Cambridge University and in Oxford University? If it is possible there, why cannot it be made possible here? Questioning the current existing policies is found no use. We will just go on cursing the hated subjets and the un-interested topics and swallowing and vomiting them and going on till the time comes to meet the cores. That difference between the time stamps of the point when we began this journey and the other when we enter a stage where we begin to embrace the wished is a huge difference, divided by hundreds will be almost twelve months. If this is a case which all of us encounter, then why cannot we think bout a change? Why cannot that twelve months be made useful, when there are thousands existing in this million opportunity world?”

 I clapped, for I was a person who kept silence to the voices which I knew the world would never hear. But I asked, “Need a coffee? Today morning seems unpleasent!”

 “Nope. I need you not to call it a clock.”, he rubbed his nose. 

“Thank you.” 


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