Create a Bootable USB

​Creating a bootale usb in Linux is much easier than that in Windows.

First what you need to have is the iso image of the OS which you wish to install, which can be either downloaded from the internet. In case you do not have an iso but you have the setup files, in the sense all the files that are to be included in the iso, then you should create an iso with those files.

  • In ubuntu or anyother Linux distros, it can be done the following way:Select all the files to be included in the iso image and right click and then select Compress
  • A window apppers asing for the location and the type of the compressed file. There you select .iso and click ‘Create’.
  • It is done

Now, after you have the iso image ready, place it in an accessable directory. To simplify the case, lets put it in the Desktop. Then folow the steps,

  • Open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T).
  • Type in 

    sudo fdisk -l.    

This command will give you the list of all the harddrives connected to you PC and there you can can find out the name of your flash drive. It will be in the form /dev/sdb<?>

  • Then change the working directory to the location where you have placed the iso. Here we are in the Desktop. So, type in cd Desktop/. (In general, cd /home/userName/path)
  • sudo dd if=iso_name.iso of=/dev/sdb/<?>

Here, iso_name refers to the name of the iso which you want to write to the flash drive and /dev/sdb<?> is the name of your USB/flash drive.

  • Wait for a few minutes till the process is completed. When completed successfully, few messages will be displayed. Later you can reboot your PC to install the OS.

In windows, there are applications like rufus which is a very small and effecient portable application which allows you to boot a USB Drive.


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